3 Incredible playground designs

We see a lot of different types of playgrounds here. Each day we see new designs from all over the place; in different countries like Sweden you’ll find some wild designs like the one below, aptly called the “Tin Man”. With only a few of these commissioned by a famous Swedish designer, the price is probably more than your average house. But the fun factor looks just as big.

At CedarWorks, they provide some really awesome “build it yourself” wooden playgrounds. These can be modular, and then put together, like the one below. Not all of them are as large as this one, which combines several huge modules into one giant, continuous structure. But if you’re looking for do it yourself, or build your own playsets plans, we have those here at Total Playgrounds as well!

And for those of you with a spare $52,000 in your pocket, consider the “Red Beard’s Ship” for your child. They will surely love exploring this giant pirate ship with their friends. I have to imagine this sort of playset is not that common, and is probably found in celebrities backyards, rather than us normal folks. But one can dream!